Welcome to

Jason Kruger

Praise Savant and Marketing Guru of the team. Jason with his radio and television background is in charge of getting our product recognised

Matthew Leppert

Product and Brand development slave. Builder of websites drawer of pretty things and maker of food and beverage products

Diana Leppert

All round Boss Lady and keeper of everyone in check. Diana manages all finances, keeps all goals reasonable and reigns in pie in sky squandering

Kyriaki Brands we make being awesome easy

We don't like to brag about how easy it is to do some the things we do, but it is, not because we like things easy, NO, we plan, research and develop methods and products that are essentially easy to replicate. The world we live in has become needlessly complicated, so much method for so little product, and yet the best products in the world require no effort to work with at all.
We spend a hectic amount of time and effort building products that are either easy to use or produce, that are simple to use, simple to understand that make life easier.
We say being awesome is easy, it is, setting up for the task of being awesome is another level of intensity that is best left no longer mentioned other than all our products are developed in house.

What do we do, you ask?

Web Design

As web Designers we make awesome looking websites to make our brands irresistible. All of our designs are responsive as we put half of design time into making it look great on mobile devices.

Recipe Development

With over 2 decades of restaurant management, development and chef'ing between the directors we find our passion for developing new food products unquenchable.

Brand Design

In the branding war zone that is the free market, we at Kyriaki Brands try take everything to the next level, this includes creative brand awareness schemes and eye tracking in mind with our designs.

Web Development

There is always the struggle between design and functionality, we design websites that look good but with web 2.0 functionality websites with added interactivity and databasing.

The Exact Computer things we do


Vector Graphic design

3d Design

Digital Photography

Photo Post Editing


Html 5

Css 3




mySql & Sql

Multiple css Frameworks
& javaScript based libraries

product development

Our philosophy when it comes to product development is a simple one, we live our lives and when we find a need that isn't filled we try and fill it, not all of them, we wish we could, after hours of feasibility studies and research if it is possible we go ahead full force. The development process itself is one of many trials and many products do not make it, those that do are the best we can create. We never throw away any ideas or progress, it is all set aside for future attempts or opportunities

Brand development

For each product we design we have to build a brand around it, Kyriaki Brands itself becomes mute in the creation of the products identity and the marketing behind it. We feel that by separating the brands into stand alone individual brands, the impact on one has less effect on the others. With each product we determine the size of distribution market as well as many other social implications before we build the brand.